Management Commitment

On the 30th of January, 2015, AQRA Certification started its activity in the field of certification of the quality management system and it was listed in the Agency for Business Registers under the registration number: 21078972.

This statement is given by the top management of AQRA Certification d.o.o. Top management of AQRA Certification is comprised of shareholders of AQRA Certification and Board of Directors of AQRA Certification.

At the same time AQRA Certification has the same distance to all organizations whose activities have a political nature. The company AQRA Certification is founded as an independent and impartial organization whose decisions and procedures, that can affect all certification activities, are far from any kind of commercial, financial, administrative and other pressures. No person or organization can influence the decisions and work of staff, boards, auditors, and technical experts participating in certification activities and enforcing them on behalf of AQRA Certification.

AQRA Certification has nothing to do with advisory services regarding the introduction of a management system and its functioning, and the presentation of this type of service is officially and strictly prohibited. If the client has received an expert advice, it is determined and analyzed in writing, from which the potential client received the counseling service.

Activities and services will be provided by competent staff in accordance with legal, national and international rules and standards, and in parallel with the expectations and needs of clients.

AQRA Certification, whose activity involves issuing certificates, extending, renewing certificates, extending and reducing volume, suspending and withdrawing certificates, assumes authority and responsibility for certification decisions. In addition, AQRA Certification enables the Certification Committee to make fully independent decisions regarding certification.

The management of AQRA Certification is impartial in all activities of product certification and management. Top management of AQRA Certification will provide the necessary training so that every employee within the company understands the importance of impartiality.

AQRA Certification will regularly analyze any conflict of interest that could jeopardize the impartiality of its operation and allow each employee to understand this analysis. Thanks to this analysis, it will enable it to be objective in all its activities.

AQRA Certification will ensure that the staff in charge of carrying out the certification or decision making activities is on it’s way to remain faithful to the principle of confidentiality, explicitness, responsibility and professionalism and sign the Contract before full employment and criminal responsibility.

AQRA Certification, as the Compliance Assessment Body, is not and will not be part of any economic organization that carries out design, manufacturing, assembly, distribution products that are deemed appropriate and will not be part of the corporate body that carries out these operations. At the same time, AQRA Certification is a completely separate organization founded in a way that is independent of any competition made by subcontractors.

Personnel who perform administration and conformity assessment activities can not do the following:

(a) Perform activities that are contrary to conformity assessment activities and oppose independence in decision-making.

(b) Provide or represent such services that may jeopardize trust in terms of independence, impartiality and objectivity. In particular, in the last 3 years, it may not provide a service to advise companies and organizations in matters of legal necessity related to the design, production, marketing and maintenance of products or processes that are within the scope of certification. This situation prevents the provision of counseling services to companies and organizations under the assessment of compliance, in accordance with the Machinery Safety Regulation or relevant standards

Access to the certification process is not related to the client’s financial status, membership of an organization or group, nor to the number of certificates issued. The personal dedication of staff with the goal of continuous personal improvement in order to preserve the business reputation of AQRA Certification and maintain customer satisfaction with the services provided will sometimes be inevitable.

Services that AQRA Certification plans to implement in the future will be fully independent of other certification services.

Requirements of standards and regulations will be carefully implemented in order to satisfy customers in the full sense of the word and in order to increase the reputation of AQRA Certification at the national and international level, and in this regard, the principle of impartiality, independence and confidentiality in the presentation of services will be applied as a base.

Systematics, together with the principles of independence, impartiality and confidentiality that we have established in a way that relate to national and international rules, an analysis of situations that could cause a conflict of interest and other items that might be the source of it are clearly indicated in our documents.

AQRA Certification, as a certification body, has a staff of auditors who will be able to respond to all inquiries coming from all parts within the borders of the Republic of Serbia.

All employees in AQRA Certification (those involved in the certification process, auditors and technical experts working part-time or full-time) and all members of the board were received with a statement to guarantee that they will be away from any type of commercial, administrative and other pressures in all of their activities for which they are responsible.


Vehbi Ugur Oruc