For production companies in the Republic of Serbia, export-oriented to European markets Union and Turkey, in cases where it is prescribed and necessary to have the CE mark for placing equipment on the market, AQRA TECHNIC d.o.o. provides the following services:


· Electrical panels

· Electrical cabinets

· Electrical supports / inlets

· Fusion housing

· Medium voltage and high voltage equipment

· Shelving cabinets

· Medical devices

· IT products – computers, phones, printers, modems,…

· Audio-video equipment

· Measuring, control and laboratory equipment

· Lighting

· Home appliances

· Elevators

· Machines

· Product testing in the design and development phase

· Product type testing

· Production control and factory production control for products

· Determining the degree of enclosure protection (IP and IK test)

· Categorization of equipment in order to define the scope of required tests

· Product testing to determine safety for people and the environment

· Risk analysis

· Review of the product technical file and other documentation

· Product testing according to the LVD Directive 2001/95/EC (electrical equipment intended for use within certain voltage limits) and relevant harmonized standards

· Product testing according to EMC Directive 2014/30/EU (electromagnetic compatibility) and relevant harmonized standards



Provide to yours companies access on the new markets and advance security of their own products, by engagement of conformity assessment bodies and laboratory, with years of experience, respectable knowledge and confirmed the status of a reliable partner in the European Union.
ADVANTAGES· AQRA TECHNIC d.o.o. is the exclusive representative of an accredited product testing laboratory with many years of experience and respectable knowledge, highly sophisticated equipment and numerous satisfied clients throughout Europe and Asia.

· The time for receiving an answer to the inquiry is a maximum 3 days.

· Transportation of equipment to the Laboratory and all accompanying activities are our obligation and responsibility.

· Examinations are carried out in the shortest possible time.

· In the territory of the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as in other countries in the surrounding area, there are no accredited laboratories in the subject area, whose tests are considered valid in the territory of the European Union.

· Participation in tenders is very often conditioned with adequate evidence and proof of the quality and safety of the equipment, which can be provided in this way.

AQRA TECHNIC d.o.o., Bulevar oslobođenja 101/3, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia;

Phone.: +381 69 4442069,