CEPA – EN 16636

AQRA CERTIFICATION d.o.o. is recognized as CEPA Certified certification body for Republic of Serbia, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Turkye.

CEPA is the European pest management services trade association that reunites national associations and companies along the whole pest management chain in 23 European countries. CEPA represents primarily the European Pest Management service sector.

AQRA CERTIFICATION d.o.o. applies CEPA Certified® an auditing scheme in alignment with standard EN 16636– Pest management services – Requirements and competences. The standard EN 16636 defines the requirements for the management of pest control services and the competences that service providers must have in order to protect public health, property and the environment. The purpose of CEPA Certification is to act as an industry standard and guarantee of the professional trained pest management practices of certified professionals, while seeking the highest standards in public health and hygiene.

The CEPA certificate for company is an indicator of superior work quality in company, professional service and high standards in integrated pest control. By obtaining CEPA certification, organization gains competence to consistently deliver services recognized in Europe. This not only enhances market standing of company, but also minimizes risks and negative impacts on customers, the population, environment, and animal welfare. Area of responsibilities for the management of pest control services, including the evaluation, recommendation and execution of defined control and prevention procedures.

Key Advantages for companies with CEPA certificate:

  • Effective and Secure DDD Service: Be identified as an operator providing an effective and secure Disinfection, Disinsection, and Deratization (DDD) service, aligning seamlessly with legal requirements.
  • Mutual Comparison: Benchmark your organization against industry peers, demonstrating your commitment to excellence in pest control services.
  • Professionalism and Environmental Responsibility: Showcase professionalism and a responsible attitude toward the environment and workplace safety, setting you apart in the market.
  • Top DDD Service Provider: Declare your organization as a top DDD service provider, instilling confidence in clients and stakeholders.
  • Public Health Awareness: Contribute to public health initiatives by raising awareness among customers about the importance of certified pest control services.
  • Tender Code Requirement: Gain a competitive advantage in tenders, where CEPA certification is increasingly becoming a necessary condition for participation.

Benefits of CEPA Certified® status for your business

  • Improved image with clients: they will value the CEPA Certified® Status;
  • Promotion of the professionalism of service based on and quality rather than price;
  • Better service quality: the standard is designed to help your business improve;
  • A unique and independent benchmark of your company’s professionalism compared to your competition;
  • Raised awareness among your customers about your service’s major role in public health.


AQRA CERTIFICATION d.o.o. provides clients with CEPA certificate, which indicates business excellence, market recognition and sustainable operations.

The list of certified companies is publicly published on the official CEPA website and represents an insight into companies that have achieved high quality of service and compliance with the requirements of the EN 16636 standard in the field of pest management.


Our dedicated team at AQRA CERTIFICATION d.o.o. is ready to guide you through the CEPA certification process, ensuring a seamless and efficient journey toward achieving the CEPA certificate.

Let us be your strategic partner in elevating your pest control standards, meeting legal requirements and differentiating your organization in the market.

For a detailed discussion or to initiate the certification process, please contact us at : planiranje@aqra.eu


Thank you for considering AQRA CERTIFICATION d.o.o. as your trusted partner on the path to CEPA excellence!